Meet The Team

The friendly team at S.E. Battery Service and South East Mobility Equipment are on hand and ready to help you with all your battery, sensory and mobility needs. We’re locals helping locals, so take a moment to get to know us below.

Your Local SE Battery Service Team


Beau Jones

Beau is our longest serving employee having been with the company for 10 years. Beau is the son-in-law of the late owner of SE Battery Service (Alan Mahoney) and worked alongside Alan for the best part of his career. Beau learnt a lot with Alan as his mentor, but he also learnt what not to do from Alan and has a lot of great memories with him. He knows his way around the store and is our greatest asset. Beau specialises in mobility and scooter repairs and is our master in replacing batteries in golf carts, boats, sweepers, forklifts, trucks and basically anything with wheels and some things without. Beau does most of the ordering for SE Battery Service and is a jack of all trades. Beau hopes to pass on his knowledge to his work mates so he can enjoy a much deserved holiday and rebuild his car.



Regan Smith

Regan is SE Battery Service most recent employee. Regan settled into his role here within the first six months and is the store clown constantly making us laugh with his mischievous antics. He certainly brings a unique quality to the SE Battery Service workplace. Regan is more than willing to do anything that is asked of him and has a care-free attitude. He is constantly proving his capability and excels in every challenge that is given to him. He is our little wizz with any of our office IT requirements, but he also does battery installations, general sales, call outs and fulfills orders. We like having Regan as a part of our team.



Christina Jones

Christina is the daughter of the late Alan Mahoney and has been on the payroll for the last six years. Having grown up with her dad as the owner she spent most of her childhood in the store and has watched it transform into what it is today. She is the go-to team member for all your mobility equipment with her role consisting of providing quotes, general sales, deliveries and working alongside occupational therapist to order their preferred equipment for their clients. She frequently visits clients in their homes to help assist with their requests and requirements. Christina loves a bit of banter with clients and enjoys her role in the industry. She has recently taken a step into the background to do a bit of behind the scenes work.



Cade Mahoney

Cade is our youngest employee in history at only 19 years old. He started with us in July 2021 fresh out of high school and into the workforce full-time as a trainee and we hope in the next few months he will be able to take on the role as our local delivery driver. His specialty is fitting and general sales and is in training to become our go to 12-volt solar expert. We have high hopes for Cade as he is continuously proving himself and he is a great fit to the team.



Lachie Dalgliesh

Lachie is the newest full-time member of the SE Battery Service team and completes battery installations, general sales, call outs and helps fulfill orders. He is a valued member of the SE Battery Service team.



Franklin Jones

Franklin is the boss. Everyone does exactly what he says. Enough said! However, with enough pats and some yummy treats he may be persuaded to allow for an early Friday finish.



Tucker Jones

Tucker is the newest member of the SE Battery Services team and is currently completing his apprenticeship under the guidance of the highly skilled Franklin.


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