S.E. Battery Service can help with all your battery needs. As well as a wide range of SuperCharge Batteries, S.E. Battery Service is proud to provide a range of batteries to suit a host of applications. On top of this, S.E. Battery Service can help with all your consumer battery needs from phone and laptop batteries, watch and button batteries to medical equipment and much much more. The products and service you receive are the best of the best.

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SuperCharge Batteries are dedicated to providing superior quality and value, providing an extensive product range, offering both commonly-needed products – such as Mazda and Honda vehicle battery units – and niche market products.

AC Delco

The automotive battery range from ACDelco consists of AGM, EFB and SMF batteries. All ACDelco batteries contain the latest lead calcium technology. This supports corrosion resistance, overcharging, gassing, self-discharge and thermal runaway.


There is a Delkor® automotive battery for every need. Delkor automotive batteries are suitable for both everyday passenger cars and ultimate performance machines. The driving force behind Delkor car batteries is the unique PowerFrame® grid technology.


Korean-made Predator SMF batteries are one of the most advanced and reliable car batteries on the market. They meet ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 requirements. Every Predator car battery undergoes testing for performance, resistance and leakage capacity output.


Optima Redtop will outperform and outlast more traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications. The Yellowtop is perfect for modern accessory-load vehicles with a low internal resistance. The Bluetop Optima battery is the most suitable choice for marine applications.


You get the best of both worlds with a Fullriver Battery – a spill-proof AGM battery providing even more cranking power than conventional starting car batteries combined with true deep-cycling capability.

U.S. Battery

Manufactured in the U.S.A, U.S Battery is well known for their range of deep cycle batteries. For over 90 years, U.S Battery has developed 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt deep cycle batteries suitable for all applications.


ALLiON Lithium Batteries are exclusive to R&J Batteries partners and have been developed to provide market leading safety and performance for your camper or caravan.


RELiON Lithium deep cycle batteries allow for safe, high-power energy solutions and are far more efficient than the alternative lead acid batteries, charging nearly at 100% efficiency.


Commercial applications are often subjected to long distances, big loads, extreme temperatures and increasing cycling demands hence the need for batteries that go the distance.


Koba Batteries are one of the latest additions to the R&J Batteries portfolio of world class batteries. They were introduced because of their unique sizes, reliable performance and starting power.


Hardcore commercial batteries have been developed while keeping Australia and New Zealand’s harsh battery operating conditions in mind.


If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial applications, BAE batteries provide uninterrupted operations and maximum service life.


Zenaji is truly the future of solar battery technology. The Australian-owned, designed and assembled Zenaji Aeon Battery is suitable for both on and off-grid applications in an array of domestic and commercial settings.

Master Instruments

S.E. Battery Service stocks a wide range of consumer batteries for many applications. From consumer focused AA batteries to replacement mobile , laptop batteries or an in-house manufactured medical equipment battery to fully customised battery solutions.


Many original equipment manufacturers rely on the high resale cost of spare parts to boost profits. You will experience a significant saving having your battery repacked.

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